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APV's & Mods


Advanced Personal Vaporizers function in essentially the same way as traditional electronic cigarettes, with two primary differences: Larger battery capacity and replaceable internal batteries.  Recent variations now include advanced operations, such as the ability to digitally adjust the voltage and wattage, the ability to connect it to your computer for graphic visualizations of your vaping history, and operating systems, to name a few. 

There are also variable wattage options available on many APV devices.  Variable wattage APVs work similarly to variable voltage, however, rather than the user manually adjusting the output based on the clearomizer or cartomizer being used, the device itself actually detects and measures the resistance of it, and automatically adjusts the voltage for optimal performance. 


Mechanical Mod

What Are Mechanical MODs?

Unlike traditional MODs or APVs, which have onboard circuitry, wiring, chips, screens, etc., mechanical MODs do not contain electronics or circuitry of any kind.  A mechanical MOD is simply a casing that holds the battery, and a manual button that then connects to an atomizer of some sort.  The button doesn’t send a signal to the battery releasing power to the atomizer. Rather, the battery simply completes the connection or circuit between the battery and the attached attomizer (usually Tanks, RBA's & RDA's), thereby vaporizing the CravinVapes e-liquid.  The advantages of a mechanical MODs includes the ability of the device to get wet without damaging it, ability to replace the battery with higher amp and drain ratings as well as stacked batteries and reduced likelihood of malfunction due to its lack of circuitry.

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