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Kanger EVOD BCC Bottom Coil Changeable Clearomizer View full size

Kanger EVOD BCC Bottom Coil Changeable Clearomizer

Kanger EVOD BCC is a Metal Bottom Coil Changeable Clearomizer

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The Kanger EVOD BCC is a Metal Bottom Coil Changeable Clearomizer. The Kanger EVOD BCC is compatible with eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C (Both eGo-C Twist & eGo-C Upgrade) threaded Batteries. Diameter is the size of an eGo.

It has a 1.5-1.6ml Capacity and is supplied with a Coil installed ready to fill and vape.
Some sites claim these can hold upwards of 2.4ml however, that is a different Kanger product known as the MT BCC.

The EVOD BCC is a 3 part clearomizer made up of:

  • EVOD BCC Body (Tank)
  • EVOD BCC Base
  • EVOD BCC Head (or coil unit)

The EVOD MT BCC coil unit can be changed directly from the base.

The beauty of Bottom Coil Clearomizers is that the wick is permanently immersed in your eliquid. No tipping or topping off your tank.

To Refill...

  1. Turn your EVOD BCC upside down so the eGo screw thread is facing upright.
  2. As with all Bottom Coil Clearomizers ensure that the replaceable head unit is firmly secured in place prior to filling. The EVOD coil may be a little loose straight out of the packaging which left unchecked may cause the clearomizer to leak. A simple check to confirm the correct fitting will ensure trouble free operation.
  3. Remove the EVOD BCC Base and refill with your CravinVapes E-liquid, being careful to avoid the center tube of the clearomizer.
  4. Screw the Base back on and set uprite to allow the clearomizer time for the eliquid to penetrate the wick.
  5. Screw onto your eGo threaded battery.
  6. Vape! - We recommend a voltage of 3.8v max to begin on a 1.8Ω EVOD BCC


Specific EVOD Replacement Coils are available in 1.8Ω & 2.2Ω in this same category or by going to the accessories tab or by clicking on either of the ones below.

This product is covered against D.O.A. by our standard Warranty and Return Policy.

Elizabeth J

Should have started with this!

it took me a while to convert to vaping 100% of the time and i believe my progress would have been much faster had i started with this! the flavor produced from this is rich and true, theres no gurgling, its sleek and best of all no leaking! all of my issues with vaping have been solved with this one change! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

anyone intersed in my junk i30 tanks?! lol

Kathleen Z

Must try, too awesome!

I was heisting to buy this kanger evod, glad I did! It's very awesome! I love it more then the kanger t3. I am definitely not going back to the kanger t3. The only down side is doesn't hold as much e juice as the kanger t3. But that's ok, I just have to order more of these bad boys and fill them with other e juice to have variety on hand. I have been vaping these for about two weeks, no leaks, no gurgling...perfect!

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.
Courtney H


This is my third EVOD and all of my other clearomizers are gathering dust on a dark shelf in my closet. These are absolutely the BEST I have tried.....and I have pretty much tried them all. I have never got a dry or burnt hit off of any of them. The capacity might be a little less than my T3 or T2 but the performance makes up for that. If these keep up the way they have so far....I will never purchase anything else!!!! A+++++

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.
Sherri B

Love this new product!!

hello all. just want to say I agree with Vernon. This is a great product.. a must have..that is why Im ordersing more colors now :-) great vidoe..helps alots us

Vince V

OMG Engineering Genius!

Wow, where do I start?! The flavor is amazing, the rate of e-liquid to vapor is super efficient and best of all... NO LEAKS! I thought I had issues before, but now that I can grab a handful of my favorite vapes and throw them in my pocket, I feel so much more secure!

Rambling on because these are so awesome it makes me crazy... I would have to say that the discovery of the kanger bcc's has been the pivotal point in my wife quitting that stink, stank, stunk! She is now a full time vaper as well. Definitely for the new to vaping as there is not much mess to deal with unless you unscrew it wrong or don't pay attention while you are filling it. BLAM! Simple and easy!! Although I change back and forth with the Phoenix, Vivi and Kanger, this is my go to vape tank!!


I will have to add that if I had the time I would completely list all the pros and cons to this amaz-za-zing product, but the cons list is very short.... it's only an eGo thread. That's it.

For those of you that like the fun of mixing and matching the components of the Vivi line, I will give you a hint, the tips may not be changeable but if you run out of coil heads for these little beauties, you can use the base of it's big brother, the T3 Fatty. same great taste but the vaping dynamic is completely different. If you like the way the Kanger T3 BCC tanks vape, it's all in the base. But, fatty won't fit the Vamo V2/V3 or the iMotion mods.

I can go on an on, but the bottom line is, get these with your starter kit then get an eVic, you can use everything on it!

Oh, and you better hurry because I am about to buy up more of them... :-)

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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Kanger EVOD BCC Bottom Coil Changeable Clearomizer

Kanger EVOD BCC Bottom Coil Changeable Clearomizer

Kanger EVOD BCC is a Metal Bottom Coil Changeable Clearomizer

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